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Compatibility Issues
8 August 2009
The website game has been updated to include animation for Microsoft Internet Explorer Ver 7.1-8.0.
Password Reminder function has been repaired. Over 300 new cards added.

New Card Category Added! The AO! Card
27 March 2008
A new card category called AO! has been added. So now, you have Truth, Kiss, Dare and AO! Cards.
AO! Cards can help you move around the group by swapping seating area's with other players, or given tasks are then presented for all the group to participate in.
AO! Cards appear for 3 players or more at random times!

Members can by-pass the Game Warm Up!
26 March 2008
Members can also select the type of warm-up for the game. A normal game comprises of several truth questions to get the game started prior to Kiss cards, then Dare Cards. AO! Members now have the ability to by-pass this function and start the game with all categories randomly selected from the start.

Great News for Firefox, Safari and Netscape Users  
22 March 2008
All players using Mozilla Firefox version 2+, Apple Safari version 3+ and Netscape Navigator version 8+ are Now fully Supported.
A bug was found where cards being dealt were not selecting questions relating to the players sex. This has now been corrected.
The 'Custom Card Editor' is now fully functional for all browsers.
The system had been restricted for use for non-members allowing a maximum of 50 Cards per game.
The 'End of Game' indication is working now for both members, to what ever the member sets' the finish score to and then limit for non-members to a maximum of 50 cards per game.
Non-members can play a maximum of 3 games per session.
We send a big thank you to our members for your support and indicating these errors.

We are constantly adding cards for all players and aiming to improve the quality and functionality of the game.

We are very pleased that so many of you are enjoying the game, and look forward to correcting of any issues, suggestions or comments any players may have.

Have Fun!!!

AO! Team



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