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  AO! online... Rules & How to play the Truth, Kiss or Dare Online Game  
  • To begin a new game, decide which player is going to be the game-master.
  • All the participating players then sit in a large circle with players of the opposite sex either side of each other, if possible.
  • The game-master then enters the names and that players sex. Once, all the players names are entered, select the target score and click "Play Game". If the window does not open, click it again while holding down the "Ctrl" key.
  • Once the window opens, the game starts;
  • When the game starts, a players name is randomly chosen.
  • The name selected by the computer is then dealt an AO! Card.
  • The AO! card is read out clearly by the game master, so all players can hear the task.
  • If the selected player agrees to attempt the task, that player shouts out AO! If the player refuses to accept the task the player shouts out clearly Oh No!
  • If the task incorporates a time period, the timer can then be started by the game master, by clicking "Start Timer". To stop the timer, click "Stop timer in the upper right corner.
  • If the task is successfully completed, click the "AO!" button to award the points, if not click "Oh No!"
  • If the "AO!" button is clicked, the card points are awarded then to that player.
  • Click "Spin again", to start again, where a new random player and AO! card is selected.
  • First player to 30 points (for non-members) is the winner and game is over.
  • Members can select the target score (20-100) of the game. To become a member click here.
  • Remember to always take proper safety precautions, and never perform any challenge that is illegal or would result in physical harm or mental stress to anyone else.
  • All content is for entertainment only. Keep it safe and keep it fun!

Dated: 04 Feb 2008


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